An important part of  Hugo & Holly Day Nursery's approach is having plenty of outdoor space for the children to explore.  Each nursery has its own garden where children have the opportunity to extend their learning opportunities.  The staff at Hugo & Holly Day Nursery cover all areas of learning outside and we encourage free-flow play between the nursery ground floor rooms and the garden so that children can choose whether they would rather be inside or outside, helping to cultivate decision-making skills and independence.

As well as fixed structures to play with the children are provided with resources and materials and are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to play and learn.

We believe that children should get plenty of fresh air and the opportunity to get muddy!

At Hugo & Holly Day Nursery, Heathville Road the children have planted a vegetable patch and successfully harvested pumpkins, strawberries and lettuce and then used these ingredients to create their own delicious lunches.  There is also a climbing frame, sand pit, an area to dig, bikes, and a large patio for outside play.

Our nursery in Brunswick Square is very pleased to have recently acquired a large new garden which the Prince's Trust has helped to turn into a more useable space.  Vegetables and flowers will soon be planted and this will become an inspiring place in which to learn.  As well as our own garden the children have use of the Square which provides further open space for games and sports activities.

The Garden at Hugo and Holly Nursery, Heathville Road, Gloucester

The Garden at Heathville Road

Gardening at Hugo and Holly Nursery, Brunswick Square, Gloucester

Gardening at Brunswick Square