Our Philosophy


At Hugo & Holly Day Nursery we aim to give children an excellent foundation, which will have a lasting impact on their development and give them a life-long appreciation for learning. The potential within each child is valued and built upon, leading to the development of enquiring minds and confident, happy young people.  Everything we do is carefully planned to be fun and engaging.

Our guiding principles are rooted in the Reggio Emilia approach which believes in a curriculum that originates from the children and is framed by the teachers.  The illustrations below show how we apply our Hugo & Holly philosophy whilst respecting the four guiding themes from the statutory framework of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum:

The Enviroment

The nurseries provide a fascinating environment with a wide range of quality experiences, equipment and activities to stimulate, challenge and extend children's inquisitive minds.   There are lots of windows to let in natural light, all the rooms have been thoughtfully designed and organised to maximise their space and create an engaging environment to be in.  The walls are neutral so that the children's own art work and photographs are the main feature, reflecting their achievements.  The furniture is mainly wooden and the rooms are homely, safe and welcoming.


Positive Relationships

At Hugo & Holly Day Nursery we have a team of carefully chosen, dedicated staff, trained to a high standard and committed to giving excellent care and time to each child.  Our staff show respect to the children and their ideas, building on this to plan the day's activities.  Our Key Worker system ensures that each child feels safe and receives adequate support and attention.  Although children are given a key worker when they start nursery the system is flexible and allows for natural relationships to form.

Learning and Developing

Children are actively encouraged to participate in decision making processes, from choosing paint colour or length of time for a project to choosing which pigeon hole to use for their belongings when they arrive at nursery each morning. Planning of activities starts from the child to make the most of children's natural curiosities in the belief that more will be learnt and achieved if children are fully engaged and involved in the whole process. We incorporate the deliberate movement through rooms each day including going outside.  This supports independence as well as natural play and open-ended play.

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All equipment and toys are easily accessible for the children which also encourages independence. Group work is encouraged during the day's activities, aiding children's social skills and developing a sense of group membership.  Documentation and photographs play a key part in our approach at Hugo & Holly Day Nursery.  Representation of learning in a visual form supports observation and assessment processes and stimulates children's recall abilities.


A Unique Child

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At Hugo & Holly Day Nursery we recognise and nurture the potential in each child.  We understand that each child is unique and value the importance of each child's well-being as well as safety and security.  For this reason a member of staff always opens the front door and a password system is in place should anyone else collect your child.  In addition we ensure hygienic practices in the preparation and eating of food, as well as enabling the children to establish good habits in lavatory, hand washing and nose blowing.