Lunchtime at Hugo & Holly's Heathville Road nursery

Lunchtime at Hugo & Holly's Heathville Road nursery

Mealtimes are an important part of the day at Hugo & Holly Day Nursery.  Food is freshly cooked at the nursery every day with an emphasis on using locally grown fruit and vegetables from Over Farm and also from the nursery’s own vegetable patches.  To ensure that each child gets a varied diet we use a 3-week rotation system when planning meals.  Our catering staff are also very flexible and special diets can be catered for. 

We have 2 experienced chefs and both of our Hugo & Holly Day Nursery kitchens have been awarded 5 stars from the Scores on the Doors national food hygiene rating scheme.


We believe that mealtimes should be enjoyable and social and encourage socialisation among all age groups by sitting the younger children together with the older children at low tables rather than high chairs.  Our staff often eat with the children as well to try and promote good eating habits.  Although there is a high ratio of staff to children, the children are encouraged to feed themselves.  Please find below an example of a week’s menu at Hugo & Holly Day Nursery.

Hugo & Holly Typical Weekly Menu

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